Meet Our Team

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Michelle Freniere


As a child, I had chronic difficulties with ailments such as allergies, asthma, and constipation.  Years of prescription antibiotics and feeling ill eventually led me to seek alternative healthcare options; I was referred to a colon hydrotherapist. After learning about digestive health through the practitioner, I decided to have my first colonic. Three sessions was all I needed to begin seeing changes in my body. In June of 2008, I was in a motorcycle accident that changed my life.  With the help of massage,  physical therapy, energy work, and cleansing, I regained my health.  


I realized just how important a team of alternative health care providers could be in pain management and lifestyle support. Since then, I strive to maintain a positive lifestyle. Nothing brings me greater joy than sharing my experience and knowledge with others in search of inner balance.


In addition to my 2009 certification for colon hydrotherapy, I have five years of experience working with the lymph system and six years experience practicing multiple types of massage therapy (pre-natal, deep tissue, hot stone, Swedish, and visceral). I am always striving to learn more and deepen my understanding of the body, and often enjoy attending seminars and trainings.

Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise so I am changing myself.            


Our Commitment

Our goal is to facilitate and guide you

in revealing your optimal health

The human body is self-healing when cleansed,  properly maintained, and given the right fuel.

With a beneficial lifestyle consisting of a wellness program and self-care, you will shine.