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Welcome to Hands of Soleil

Santa Barbara's premier health and wellness spa

Our commitment: 

Our goal is to facilitate and guide you in revealing your optimal healthThe human body is self-healing when cleansed,  properly maintained, and given the right fuel. With a beneficial lifestyle consisting of a wellness program and self-care, you will shine.


Treatments & Services

Hands of Soleil offers a variety of beautiful spa services

designed to guide you in revealing your optimal health:

Lymphatic Drainage

Colon Hydrotherapy

Massage Therapy


V Steam

Infrared Sauna

Our Facilities

Hands of Soleil Spa offers a massage room with private shower and bathroom, a colonic room with an angel of water system, the sauna room with private shower, and a peaceful waiting room to enjoy hot tea while you wait.

Our Team

Due to the increase in demand in 2021, Michelle expanded her team to include Julia Evans.

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